New Zealand Health and Physical Education Curriculum

How we incorporate the NZ Health and Physical Education Curriculum

The four strands:

1.     Personal Health and Physical Development, in which students develop the knowledge, understandings, skills, and attitudes that they need in order to maintain and enhance their personal well-being and physical development;

What we do:

Our lessons help students gain knowledge about exercise and experience for themselves how moving makes them feel. We encourage students to connect their mind to movement and teach them important topics related to each episode workout theme to help improve their knowledge and understanding of the human body, their feelings, self-care and implement positive affirmations.

Our Activity work book encourages the idea of how students feel by incorporating a journaling section after every episode. Students are able to express how they feel, write down what they enjoyed and what they feel they would like to personally improve. This tool of expression helps with understanding thoughts and feelings more clearly, gaining control over them and making goal related thoughts vivid which is strongly associated with goal success.

2.      Movement Concepts and Motor Skills, in which students develop motor skills, knowledge and understandings about movement, and positive attitudes towards physical activity;

What we do:

Our program helps students gain confidence to move freely and participate in physical activity by teaching students a variety of movement concepts and motor skills in every lesson. This helps students gain confidence from doing while improving their physical skills and understanding which they can then install into their daily life. We use encouraging methods, promote self-belief in our lessons and support a “Try your best”  approach. Our Activity book further encourages learning and understanding about physical activity and the human body in a fun and simple way. Students can connect their physical lesson with visual learning on the same subject which helps them strengthen their understanding and confidence.

3.     Relationships with Other People, in which students develop understandings, skills, and attitudes that enhance their interactions and relationships with others;

What we do:

Our lessons incorporate relationship skills and understanding by respecting each other’s space, being aware of each other and supporting each other’s progress.

We do this by recognising each other’s space before the lesson, respecting the person next to them by not wanting each other to get hurt and congratulating one another after the workout with a high five and using encouraging words for each other after every lesson.

Our Activity workbook includes personal values in which students have a chance to think about and express what is important to them.

4.      Healthy Communities and Environments, in which students contribute to healthy communities and environments by taking responsible and critical action.

What we do:

Our program creates a healthy and space for children to be active, learn healthy habits, gain mindful tools, self and social awareness, respect and cultural gratification and inclusion. Our mission is to equip students to incorporate these simple practises into their own life, in school, in their communities and the environment.

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